We are a small, voluntary, charitable organisation.

Committed to Equality and Diversity.

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The main purposes of the MFA are:


To provide social occasions for people to meet and exchange their experiences of living in a new country, as well as learning about other people’s traditions, customs and beliefs.


To promote friendship, mutual respect and understanding between people of different cultures living in Weston-super-Mare and the surrounding areas.


To help people develop friendships and social networks across the divides of culture, race and nationality.


To share the traditions, customs and cultures of different countries with the people of Weston-super-Mare and the surrounding areas, in order to promote diversity and shared learning in a positive way.




Patron in Perpetuity : The Mayor of Weston-Super-Mare


What we do:

  • We run workshops/activities in arts and handicrafts such as cardmaking, sewing, knitting and crochet, board games and flexercise sessions.
  • We invite speakers from the Council, Health Services and other professionals to talk about problems and issues of interests to our members.
  • We participate in the “Your North Somerset” event run by North Somerset Council each year, also the Weston Food Festivals, and the VANS Show Case.
  • We “signpost” to the right agency or statutory organisation, and also give information about free training to members and others who need it.
  • We support and organise trips and visits e.g. to the Houses of Parliament, Taunton, the Theatre in Bath, Bristol Museum, St. Fagans Museum in Wales, Weston-Super-Mare Mayor’s Parlour, The Old Council Chamber Town Hall, picnics and bowling.
  • We fundraise for the MFA and other organisations.
  • We get involved in and give support to other minority groups and voluntary organisations.
  • We are open to everyone and actively encourage and assist our members to integrate into the local community to prevent isolation.





This MFA website is kindly hosted by Krystal Hosting Ltd via their charity hosting plan.